Buy or sell a house in Waco

Buy or sell your home in Waco Texas

The process of purchasing or selling a home in Waco can be one that is very frustrating. That is especially true if you use traditional means, including going through a lending institution. You have the option of using Capital Plus, however, which will allow the closing to take place in a convenient manner and we help you through the process, to ensure that it is as stress free as possible. Here are some of the options that we offer to our clients.

We have been buying homes in the state of Texas for more than 30 years and we can also purchase homes in the area of Waco. People often try to sell homes quickly, usually because they need the cash or they are behind on their mortgage payments. Other reasons why you may need to sell a home include divorce, death in the family or just wanting to move to another area. When you contact Capital Plus to sell your Waco home, we will come to your property to inspect it and to make you a cash offer. Once you accept the cash offer, we will proceed with the paperwork and you will be able to go to closing quickly.

You can also buy a home through Capital Plus and you will find that the process is very easy to follow. That is due to the fact that we will take care of as much is possible, including any necessary paperwork and help you find information which will be given to your title company. We also offer owner financing for those that are qualified, which can help to reduce the stress even further by keeping you from using a lending institutions and all of the additional paperwork that may be necessary.

Some fast facts about Waco

When many people think about Waco, Texas, they think about the religious group that was shut down and ended in disaster. In reality, however, there are a lot of interesting things about Waco that are worth knowing. Here are a few facts that you will enjoy.

First of all, Waco used to have more than one airfield which was active. As a matter of fact, three military airfields were active at one time, including Waco Army airfield, Richfield and Blackmun Army flying field.

Another interesting fact is that Dr Pepper was invented in an old corner drugstore in 1885. If you enjoy the way that Dr Pepper tastes, you can thank the city of Waco for inventing it.

Finally, there is a skyscraper located within Waco and at one time, it was the tallest building that was located south of the Mason Dixon line. During World War II, the lights that were in the skyscraper were turned off during the nighttime hours. Pilots that were flying into the area, however, requested that they be turned back on so that they could find the field.

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For almost 25 years, Capital Group has been a leader in owner financing single family residences to low to moderate income families throughout the State of Texas. Our homes are completely restored to bring pride of ownership to our customers. We also offer loan processing and servicing to investors and banks throughout the state.