Do you have an owner-financed note???

Do you want a LUMP SUM CASH PAYMENT TODAY for your Note instead receiving small payments for the life of the loan?

Capital Plus Buys notes state wide and will purchase your 1st lien promissory note, land contract, mortgage or deed of trust for CASH at top market prices. Our company has over 60 years combined experience in the industry. We realize that in these difficult financial times, converting assets to cash quickly is of paramount concern. New changes in mortgage servicing and residential home lending have made it more cumbersome to finance, hold and service notes. Many people are taking advantage of the institutional and private money appetite for these earning assets and are selling at advantageous prices. Capital Plus prides itself on being one of the most responsive and competitive buyers in the market today.

Many sellers have taken advantage of the benefit of seller financing in the hot real-estate market over the past few years.  If you're receiving payments on any type real estate note, promissory note or private loan, we can help you resolve yourcash-flow needs.  We purchase these seller-financed private mortgages or contracts, providing the private mortgage holder with cash for today's value.

If you now have a need for the money tied up in your owner-financed note and want to sell your Note quickly for a lump sumin CASH, we will purchase your Note at maximum market pricing. Our reliable and professional staff will expertly assist you with all steps of the sales process. And we deliver cash at closing in as little 3 businessdays after all documents have been reviewed by our company.


Why should I sell my mortgage note for less than the balance?

Simple: The earning power of the decreasing mortgage balance is considerably lower than the earning power of a fixed sum invested at interest. For example, assume that the current balance of the mortgage you are receiving payments on is $25,000, at a 10% interest rate, with ten years of $330.38 monthly payments remaining. The total value to you if you were to receive all ten years of future payments is $39,645.60 (120 months times $330.38). However, if you accepted $22,000 today, and invested that amount in a 9% government bond (or other insured investment), the "simple" interest earned would be $165 per month. Ten years of interest would bring you $19,800, without touching your original $22,000 principal. Adding those up, the total value of your investment would be $41,800, which exceeds the $39,645.60 you would have collected from the monthly payments! Furthermore, if you sell, you have a guaranteed income when you invest in insured, fixed rate investments. A mortgage note is only a promise of future payments that may, or may not, appear. [P.S. When a note is paid off, there's no more income. If, however, you exercise the cash now option, your principal and interest could remain with you forever!

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