Think the real-estate market is down, bad or still not good?

    Is the real estate market up or down?


    If you are like most people in Texas, you are subject to the information that you hear on the news. It seems that if any mention is made of the real estate market in Texas, you won’t hear anything but bad news. It certainly is true that the market has changed in recent years, especially after the real estate bubble burst but that does not necessarily mean that all the news is bad. As a matter of fact, there are ways for you to be able to sell your home quickly and effectively, provided you turn to the right people for help.

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  • On the look for homes to buy but we also buy entire portfolios

    We buy homes and portfolios 

    At Capital Plus, we are well-known in the state of Texas for purchasing homes. We ensure that the entire process is convenient and we are often able to go to closing within a matter of days, which many homeowners find to be to their liking. We also pay cash for homes, which make us one of the popular services in Texas, when it comes to selling a home. It is important to recognize, however, although we are not only buying individual homes and properties, we also may purchase portfolios that can be up to 100 properties or more.

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  • We will be buying 50 homes this month

    We will be buying 50 homes this month

    We are buying 500 homes in DFW, could one of them be yours? 

    In Texas, there are many people that would like to sell their home but it can be difficult to do so, especially if you are using traditional means. It is not out of the question for some individuals who are going through a real estate agent and trying to find a buyer that will be using traditional financing to wait a year or longer before their house is able to sell. It even becomes more difficult if the home is in poor condition or if there are other issues associated with it..

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  • Dallas and Ft. Worth premiere buy your house company

    Dallas and Fort Worth buy your home company

    All throughout the Metroplex, many individuals are trying to sell their homes but in this housing market, they may find that it is difficult to do so effectively and quickly. Because of the current housing condition and the economic situation in Dallas and throughout the state of Texas, selling homes has become a more difficult task. In part, this is due to an increase in the number of homes that are on the market and many people are not purchasing homes as quickly as they were during the housing bubble.

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  • We buy homes all over the Houston area

    We buy Homes all over Houston 

    Many people that live in the state of Texas are concerned about the housing market, particularly when they are trying to sell their home. It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago that you were able to put a sign in your yard and within a matter of days, you would begin to get offers. At times, you would even get offers much faster and you may be contacted on the very same day. Today, however, many people struggle to sell their home and this can be a difficulty, as you may need to move now instead of waiting a year or more for your home to sell.

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