At Capital Plus, we are choosy about the areas where we purchase homes to sell. We then have a dedicated project manager that takes the time to evaluate the property and to see what needs to be done in order to get it up to sellable condition. This is something that differs from one home to another, but all homes need some type of work in order to meet our strict standards. What type of work can you expect to be done on a home that you purchase from Capital Plus?

On the interior of the home, there are many updates which may be done. In the majority of cases, the renovation includes interior features such as new carpet, kitchen cabinets and painting. If necessary, new plumbing and electrical work is also considered for the home. On the exterior of the property, we also provide many updates. This also includes painting, as well as anything else that is necessary to bring it up to our standards.

Why would take such care in getting homes ready for sale? Because, quite simply, we sell homes Dallas wide and we want to ensure that those who buy homes from us are happy with their purchase. In fact, we have a 30 day guarantee provided to each homeowner who buys a home from Capital Plus. This is provided as a convenience and it gives you our assurance that if any minor issues have been overlooked before you move in, Capital Plus will do what is necessary to remedy the problem at no cost to you.

Because of the benefits that are offered when you purchase a home through Capital Plus, there's no reason for you to look elsewhere. Quite simply, we sell homes Dallas has to offer and we make sure to do what is necessary to make you comfortable with the process. That is true from the time you contact us to the time you sign the papers at closing.

Making the Purchase of Homes Easy

One of the frustrating parts of purchasing a home is going through all of the paperwork that is associated with it. When you use Capital Plus and purchased one of our homes, we will do what is necessary to ensure that everything works seamlessly. A member of our staff will be assigned to the property to make sure that everything goes smoothly. This would include writing the contract that is needed for the sale and delivering it to a title company that is in the local area.

In addition to providing those benefits, we also offer financing options to qualified buyers. Owner financing is very convenient, as it helps you to avoid many of the frustrations that are associated with going for a bank approval. The process of getting owner financing through Capital Plus is relatively easy for those who are qualified. In fact, we are able to take many of our customers from contract to closing in as short as 2 weeks.

Of course, you can expect that we are going to follow all of the necessary guidelines for offering these loans to our customers. Like any company in this industry, we must adhere to regulations and laws and remain in strict compliance with any regulatory agencies. Of course, since we are working directly with you, the customer, we are able to make things as smooth as possible. In addition, we help to put your mind at ease, because we will answer any questions that you may have about the process as you are going through it.

Moving into a new area or moving to Dallas from within the Metroplex can be a stressful situation. It takes some time to settle in and in many cases, people are frazzled because of the frustration of getting a loan, finding a home and going through all of the paperwork. When you contact Capital Plus, either on the Internet using our website or through our toll-free number, you can be certain that much of the stress is going to be taken out of the mix. We will do what is necessary to make sure that you are comfortable with the process and that the move to your new home is as seamless as possible.

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Who We Are

For almost 25 years, Capital Group has been a leader in owner financing single family residences to low to moderate income families throughout the State of Texas. Our homes are completely restored to bring pride of ownership to our customers. We also offer loan processing and servicing to investors and banks throughout the state.