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Capital Plus I, ltd. (CPI or the company), a Texas Limited Partnership was founded in 1992 as Capital Plus, Inc. and adopted its present name in 2004. The specialty and primary business of CPI is home improvement and lending, to include origination, acquisition, warehousing, servicing and concluding with the sale of the loan. CPI is a Texas based company with office locations in Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

In order to support its growth, CPI actively seeks lending institutions to provide secure warehousing lines of credit at competitive market rates. The Company uses these lines while building a portfolio for eventual sale of the loans on the secondary market. We are always pursuing other avenues to allow us the ability to warehouse our loans for longer periods of time, resulting in seasoned portfolios that will attain above par pricing at the time of sale.



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Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro

Greater Houston/San Antonio

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Who We Are

For almost 25 years, Capital Group has been a leader in owner financing single family residences to low to moderate income families throughout the State of Texas. Our homes are completely restored to bring pride of ownership to our customers. We also offer loan processing and servicing to investors and banks throughout the state.
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